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We have served our best-written articles for you guys, and We have got a great response from our loyal readers and visitors who are becoming loyal readers. Tech Enlite now has a significant number of backlinks from major and 5 Page rank URLs or say blogs or help forums. We also have good Alexa rank, and it is becoming better and better daily. We have also got lots of love in comments, emails and from surveys. Thanks for all this to you! Because you are the person, who helped me a lot to make Tech Enlite a useful and popular place for bloggers.
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What are the Requirements?

Requirements are not so hard nor so easy. Let's take a look at the requirements and standard rules for a guest post approval
You will have to sure that-
  1. The guest post should not be copied.
  2. The guest post should contain unheard things about blogging.
  3. The guest post should contain at least two headings.
  4. The guest post should contain a beautiful and attractive featured image at the top of the post, and it should be minimum of 720px width.
  5. The person who is going to write a guest post should be confident that his writing skills are excellent.
  6. The guest post should contain at least two images for an attraction of readers.
  7. The guest post should not include any external links whose DA is less than 40.
That's all!

I have to write about?

Now, are you thinking what about you have to write? Below, we are listing some labels about which you can write.
  1. Blogger Optimisations Techniques
  2. Blogger Templates (own created)
  3. Blogger Widgets (own created, not copied)
  4. Blogger Tricks (new, not old that are posted somewhere already)
  5. Updates (hot updates about major sites like Google, Facebook related to Blogging)
Not sufficient? Want to write about something else about blogging? If yes, then you can email us and tell the title which you want to get published on Tech Enlite here.

How to submit the guest post?

That's great! I am delighted that you have decided to write for us. Now, we are going to tell you the way by which you will be able to submit the guest post to us.
Steps are following:
  1. Firstly, write your own guest post on Blogger Post Editor and then when you finish, go to HTML mode from the top-left buttons.
  2. Attache it as a Word Document or Copy all the HTML of your post and email it to us at
  3. We will contact you within a day.

Conclusion from Author

If you are going to submit your guest post, I am pleased that you found us valuable and perfect for your guest post. And if you are not going to write for us, then I suggest you try us. This will help only your blog to rank more on Google.