Cheap Car Insurance For Students

Do you need a car for uni but postponed high insurance rates? Here is our final guide to keep it low.

Owning a car is not cheap, so driving as a college student is pretty much a luxury! Not only do you have to excel on your wheels, but you also have to think about road and fuel taxes and the usual MOT tests.

However, auto insurance is the biggest drain for any young driver, because premiums tend to be much higher when they are less experienced on the road for obvious reasons (but nevertheless do not cause extreme anger).

With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to take a proper look at some of the ways in which students can dramatically reduce their car insurance premium.

It can easily be expelled more than you need, just because you chose a kind of cover that is not suitable for your particular situation.

The cost of a comprehensive insurance package depends on three things:

1. The level of cover you go to

2. Your personal risk level (ie, how likely you are to an accident or need to make a claim).

3. The insurance company you choose.

We will take you through each of the above points to help you make the best decision and keep the insurance costs low.

How to choose the appropriate level of auto insurance coverage

There are three main types of auto insurance coverage to choose from:

Third party only auto insurance

This covers the damage and medical claims of other persons, if you are responsible for those damages in an accident.

If your car is damaged, you will unfortunately have to cover the cost yourself (which makes this cover great for old experts but may not be the best option if you have a whole new pride and joy).

Third party, fire insurance and theft

Perhaps this is our best choice to cover student auto insurance. TPFF cover is often the least expensive option, but it also provides a cover for theft - something that might be important if you live in a city for a university and you do not have any safe place to save your car.

Keep in mind that you are still not covered by compensation for your vehicle for this option if it caused an accident.

Comprehensive insurance on cars

This option has full coverage - if you cause an accident or are a victim of an accident, your car, car and medical costs (even a certain point of course) will be covered.

If you are prone to accidents, we recommend that you get comprehensive cover to pay for damage - this means that just skipping now to make an immediate profit or two means that you end up getting rid of loads later.

The trick is just to be quite honest with both yourself and the insurance company, as the secretariat goes a long way in the insurance game!

The obvious assumption is that the least option is third party insurance, because that provides the least amount of coverage, but do not be fooled!

Some students have reported up to £ 1000 only by switching from a third party to comprehensive coverage, so make no assumptions. The only strong advice we can give you here is to do as much research as possible and explore all your options to make sure you've found the best deal.

Is telematics the cheapest auto insurance?

The standard type of car insurance drivers usually requires a policy that covers you and your car (to any level you choose above) at a fixed rate for the entire year. However, these types of premiums are unlikely to be the best option for young people, as the rates tend to be higher for those under the age of 25.

Instead, we recommend using a more specialized policy that will give you the opportunity to lower your premiums either because of rare driving or as a reward for driving safely on the road.

There are two main types of specialized policies to consider: pay-per-drive (PAYD) and payment of your driving method (PHYD) - both are often referred to as remote insurance or "black box insurance" because both operate by owning a small box equipped for your vehicle to measure How and when you drive. Temporary car insurance can be a great option for students who drive only for short periods of time.


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