37 Saving Money Resources


Want to break the savings money? Get the gloves on our favorite resources to save money and watch the pound stack!

We have given 10 years of Save the Student a lot of experience with all kinds of useful tools, applications and websites when it comes to saving money. Lots good, a lot is not.

We have distilled all our advice on providing funds for this basic checklist.

Unlike our ways to save money, these resources - once you get them, they will do all the hard work for you!

Save money on banking services

1. Prepaid Card - If you're having trouble meeting your weekly or monthly spending limit, prepaid cards are a great way to ensure you play according to your own rules. Even some have apps to help you budget.

Student bank account with overdraft 0% - Ideally, you will not have to use overdraft on your bank account, but if you do, it is good to know that you will not incur interest (or fees) to do so.

2. Chip

Robots saving money is a relatively new phenomenon that makes it easier than ever to store some money for a rainy day.

Using some smart math, robots that provide funds can evaluate your spending and determine how much you can save and store away from you. All you have to do is give the app access to your bank account (read-only, mind), and take care of the rest!

There are a few robots, but we recommend using Chip because this is the only program that offers interest on your savings.

3. Budget - Nothing will match the good old budget budget, and we have a lot of tips and resources to help you manage your money effectively.

Save money on bills

4. Comparisons of our household bills - from television to gas, electricity and broadband, the evidence our student bills are the best way to save your regular expenses.

5. Water saving package - It can be easy to forget that you will be charged for water ... until the bill arrives bulky. However, these free water supply packages should help mitigate the shock when it is time to pay back.

Energy saving plug

At present, the only way to turn off something completely is to cut off the power supply. But stopping things in the wall is frustrating, something we all see in a big effort all the time, although it is very beneficial to both our safety and our bank balances.

The good news is that energy-saving plugs do all the hard work for you. When the device (such as a TV) is switched off long enough to be safe, it cuts off the current feed as well as all connected devices (such as a DVD player or game console).

For less fiver, energy-saving components are really a great way to save money on your electric bill!

6. Compare our mobile phone deals - Select as many or fewer filters as you want (including brand, model, network, data allowance, and the rest!) The Mobile Deals Comparison tool will show you the best offers available.

7. Meter Readings - currently only available on iOS, but if you have an Apple device, place your hands on Meter Readings. However, you will be able to track up to nine separate household meters, allowing you to monitor the amount of your bill, as well as the cheapest cost (if any) with another provider.

Save money on food

10. Plastic containers or freezer bags - Prepare bulk cooking and freeze any residue from one of the oldest scams saving money in the book. Freezer bags are cheaper and occupy less space, but when you do not cut mustard, some plastic containers will do business.

11. Food Approved - The best before dates are just a guide and not a rule. Approved foods benefit from it, and sell food that "exceeded its best" (but it is still safe to eat) with a discount of up to 70%!

12. mySupermarket - Do you want to know which supermarket offers the best price on the products you buy? MySupermarket will tell you! But it is not the only application with this trick. On the Facebook site, Natasha Jain Wick suggested written comparisons - great for checking the prices of individual items!

10. There is no better way to save money than not to spend anything at all. As far as we intend to save money and try to buy what is just necessary, sometimes we go a bit outside the OTT and put a lot in our baskets. It turns out that we are not alone, and here comes the role of Olio.

Download the app, and you'll be able to see users in your local area who have large amounts of food. Maybe they bought a lot and will happen soon. Maybe they cooked more than they agreed. Either way, they'll give it to you for free (or donate to a charity).

11. Very good to go - very similar to Olyo, this one. Restaurants, cafes and bakeries are no stranger to extra food, and Too Good To Go puts everything in the market where you can get delicious food for a fraction of the normal price.


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