23 Tips To Save Money Supermarket

Feeding yourself is not a avoidable expense. But spend a fortune in the supermarket - especially with the tips of providing our experts!

Shopping in the supermarket often ends up shelling more cash than I expected, especially as they use a whole range of dirty tricks to try and get to spend more money!

However, if you are smarter with shopping, you will find that you can live a luxury (relative) life and eat like a king with a limited budget.

The average student spends about £ 27 a week on food, but we have years of experience hunting bargains in the supermarket that can help you cut this to £ 15 a week - this saves about £ 800 a year, just by changing your food shopping habits Your own!

Ways to save money in the supermarket

Shop at the right times

Most of us do not really think about the time we choose to do our food shopping. When you have lectures, seminars and a busy social life to overcome, you tend to pressure them whenever you can.

However, to get the best deals, you should try shopping later in the day (ideally an hour or so before closing time, or about 7 pm in 24 hours stores). In fact, one of the shopping ninja mothers researched her and put "the best times to shop for a smaller group schedule."

All items that expire on the next day will be greatly reduced. The store just wants to get rid of them before they are thrown away, so keep your eyes peeled on the "reduced" yellow labels.

There's no reason why you can not freeze what you buy if you want to eat it later, and remember it's best before dates are not set in stone mode.

With regard to the subject of reduced larvae, it may be useful to verify approved food - a website that allows only the clearance of food (which is still completely safe for sale) from supermarkets. Most of the products you'll find there are less than £ 1!

Check the reduced section

The reduced portion is not only for foods that are approaching the best before the date. You will be able to find all kinds of things, such as products with damaged packaging or other minor errors. Whatever the problem, if you see the yellow sticker, there's a deal waiting to be picked up.

This corner of the supermarket is usually stored at the end of the day (when the food goes "the best before the date"), but there will always be something on the shelves, regardless of shopping time. Yellow sticker bargains abundance.

Do not shop on an empty stomach

You've probably heard this million times before, but how many times have you broken the golden rule and ended up spending an arm and leg on salty snacks? Never shop when you are hungry!

If you do not eat all day and then head to the supermarket, you will throw anything and everything into your vehicle. You have to bite to eat before you go to avoid over-feeding hungry mania!

Plan your meals

Again, I may have heard this before and may seem very boring. But if you are not too much of someone on the menu when it comes to shopping at the supermarket, it may just be a good idea! You will be pleasantly surprised to see what effect it can have on your store and your savings!

Not only will it save you money, it will also ensure you think carefully about what happens in your basket before you get to all the things that distract you from the supermarket.

It will also prevent you from filling your kitchen cabinets with three of everything, because you will know what you do and do not need!


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