2 Easy Way to Clean Up Your Facebook Profile and Hide Your Past Indiscretions

Facebook has made considerable progress since its modest beginnings just about eleven years prior. From being only a mass of posts, it has transformed into an intense aggregator with a wide assortment of substance. The inconvenience is that some place underneath all the substance that you've made throughout the years, there are on the whole your past careless activities holding up to be found. Did you go on a preferring binge when Pages were acquainted and Facebook welcomed you with turned into a fanatic of your most loved identities and brands? Did you post senseless illogical substance when you were in your initial youngsters? Odds are the greater part of that history is as yet accessible online for anybody to find. On the off chance that you need to break free from your senseless, old Facebook days, here are a few stages that should help.

Limit Old Posts

Hide Old Posts in Facebook

Head over to Facebook Settings and select the Privacy tab. Under the subheading “Who Can See My Stuff?” you’ll have the option to “Limit the Audience for Old Posts”. This option will change the visibility setting of all posts that are either “Public” or “Friends of Friends” to only “Friends”. Be warned though, this action is non-reversible. The only way to undo this will be to go through your previous posts and change their settings one by one.

Unlike Pages

Bulk Unlike Pages in Facebook

Over the years your tastes have probably evolved. However, chances are that the pages that you became Fan of five years back are still a part of your profile. PageUnliker is a nifty website that fetches all Pages that you have liked, and gives you the option of unliking them. Save yourself the embarrassment and get rid of the things a younger you might have liked. You’ll also be tidying up your feed as posts from the pages that you unlike will no longer show up.