6 Methods to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts 2018


Writing SEO friendly blog posts can be challenging. The art of SEO is constantly changing. These are the steps I use to write SEO friendly blog posts and my favorite blogger SEO tools of 2018.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of making your website easily readable by humans and by search engines so that you can get more traffic. When someone makes a Google search, an algorithm is performed that makes relevant websites appear to give you results for your search.

SEO is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. It will help you get more traffic to your blog or website and it will help visitors find what they're looking for. The focus of this article is to help you find a process to do proper keyword research and write blog posts that are SEO friendly.

When you're writing a blog post, you want to keep the most important aspects of SEO in mind:
  • Proper keyword usage and placement
  • Header tags (H1 and H2) contain your keywords
  • Meta tags and descriptions are used properly
  • All images have alt tags
  • Social links are present on page
  • And many more 

This is the exact process I use to write blog posts that are SEO friendly.

Google Keyword Planner: The most common blogger SEO tool.

Google keyword Planner is typically your first stop when you write SEO friendly blog posts. First, you’ll create an Adwords account. Then you’ll have 3 options:

If you already know what keywords you want to search for, start to type them in here. I spend about 20 minutes typing in keywords, variations of keywords, and looking at ideas for new keywords when I do SEO for my blog.

To get more traffic with SEO, you’ll want to search for keywords that have:
  • high search volume
  • low competition.
  • low CPC cost

When you see a keyword that fits your needs, add it to your plan and continue SEO for your blog.

Plugins Will Help You Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

My favorite blogger SEO tool is called is SEO Quake.

I'll take the keywords I set aside and I'll type them into Google like I'm searching for them.

SEO Quake gives me a percentage of how difficult it is to rank for certain keywords.

I try to go for keywords that have less than 70% difficulty. Anything higher will take more time and effort to rank higher in Google.

As you can see, my ADAPT selling technique is ranking #2 and has a keyword difficulty of 66%. Shoot for numbers in this range.

Typically, I'll have a tab open with Google's Keyword Planner open in case I think of any new keyword variations I want to test. If a keyword is getting less than 100 searches per month, it may not be worth your time (unless you're doing local SEO, that's a whole different story and requires different blogger SEO tools.)

Brainstorm content Ideas to get more traffic with SEO

By now, you should have a list of 4 or 5 keywords you want to use in your blog post. They should be high volume, low difficulty, and low competition.

If it's taking awhile to narrow things down, that's okay! Writing blog posts is hard, especially making them SEO friendly!

I use 2 different blogger SEO tools to find content ideas.

Answer the Public is one of my favorite free blogger SEO tools.

It’s great for typing in keywords and giving you great headlines or things to write about. It’s like your own personal assistant to get more traffic with SEO on your blog!

Just type in your keywords and see hundreds of ideas and phrases you can use in your articles. Pick one you like, do a little more research, and get writing.

Another tool I use to get more traffic with SEO is Buzzsumo.

You can see the best articles for a certain keyword and see how it’s being shared around the web. See how other websites are using the keywords you're going after and do it better than they do.

Learn what these websites are doing and make yours different by:
  • Providing more insight
  • Making things easier to read
  • Giving your own experience
  • Telling a story
  • Making your blog post more modern
You're a writer, do what you do best and give your competitors a run for their money!

Start writing your post with these SEO blogger tools

The most important way to make your blog post more SEO friendly is by making it easy to read by humans.

If your post can't be read easily, the visitor is just going to leave your site and continue their search.

I use 2 tools to make sure my writing is easy to read and SEO friendly.

Hemmingway is where I go after I’ve written a first draft of my blog.

I copy paste my draft and see how many words it has and how difficult it is to read.

You want to aim for grade 6 to 9. Otherwise your articles will be too difficult to read and your viewers will look elsewhere for what they want.

Make reading your post easier by:
  • Break up your blog post into smaller paragraphs
  • Avoid filler words and difficult sentences (Hemmingway helps with this)
  • Use easier vocabulary
  • Make ideas easier to read with bullets and lists

The easier your blog post is to read, the more likely your viewer will return and share your post.

Now that your article is written... use Yoast.
 Yoast is a great blogger seo tool for providing an analysis for 1 keyword you are targeting.

Use the best keyword you found earlier that has the highest amount of searches, lowest competition, and lowest difficulty rating.

Yoast will help you make sure your keywords are appropriately placed, easy to read, and has the keywords in headers and in the body.

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Finally, submit your blog post

 This is the most nerve-wracking part about writing blogs. By now, you've probably spent a couple hours researching keywords, typing content, making images, and everything else it takes to write SEO friendly blog posts.

Above all, there's no perfect way to write SEO friendly blog posts. The free blogger SEO tools are nice, but if you can afford to pay for some of the other SEO tools, DO IT. I envy you. Until then, I'm stuck using free tools. That's okay though. We all start somewhere.

 Tips and Takeaways:
  1. Use keywords that are high volume, low competition, low CPC, and low difficulty (this is kinda hard, but it can be done).
  2. Once you post, share your content wherever people may benefit from it.
  3. Make your content original. One of the most important things about writing SEO friendly blog posts is using content that is original; don't plagiarize.
  4. Use images. Make them yourself or use free stock photos.
  5. Images should have alt tags.
  6. SEO is a process. It takes time to rank for certain keywords. Be patient and keep making great content!

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