How To Redirect/Forward Naked Domains to Blogspot


I think this will be a useful post for bloggers,who get custom domains to their blogspot blogs. This article explains step by step how to redirect your naked domain ( to non-Naked Domain ( know more about naked and non-naked domain read here.For example,my
Naked domain :
non-Naked domain :
When someone enter my naked domain into his browser he will be automatically redirect to my non-naked domain.The purpose of this article is how to configure your GoDaddy domain name such as my domain name.
1.Login to your GoDaddy account and click on domain tab. Click on the "Manage Domain" link of the domain you want to configure.

 2.Click on "Manage" from Forwarding Section.

 3. A new window will appear.Enter your domain name exactly as the example below (with www) and click "OK".
4.You are done !!! Then wait few minutes(maximum 24 hours), and your naked domain will work as your non-naked domain.