How To Apply For Paid Sponsorship For Your Blog

How To Apply For Paid Sponsorship For Your Blog
Extraordinary compared to other approach to profit online is The Sponsored Posts. On the off chance that you have high specialist web journals and good quality substance then you can make thousand of dollar just by supported posts.

As we as a whole know bloggers are profiting on the web by means of Google Adsense and numerous others promotion systems or member advertising. A large portion of them don't know about supported blog entries. Subsequently they free cash each month.

So today I will show you and give you a few rules on the best way to get supported blog entries for your blog and toward the end you will likewise deal with some supported post for your blog to profit.

Sponsorship is altogether different to offshoot adverts: Sponsors will pay bloggers basically to have their message on your blog, though subsidiaries will pay for snaps or buys. There are additionally an incredible assortment of sponsorships accessible: month to month contracts; occasion contracts; sponsorship of consistent posts; one-off sponsorships co-ordinated by an outsider. What you pick is dependent upon you.

What is Sponsor Post?

Well, a sponsored post is just a piece of writing or weblog published on your weblog on a request of an advertiser for some money.

So it is in actual fact like an advertiser involves us soliciting for promoting his/her product through a weblog post on our weblog and pays us some money. The amount may vary from 10$-1000$ depending upon your blog stats (Analytics, DA, Alexa Ranking, and so forth)

Many blogs makes most of their monthly revenue by simply posting sponsored post, so do not put out of your mind this earning source.

When do we begin getting advertisers for sponsored posts?

This is an extraordinarily common query. Good, yeah there are some criteria that the advertisers look for before approving any site for a sponsored blog posts. As the advertisers quite wish to promote their products or services in front of your audience, they only seem for blogs that:

  • Can bring potential customers for them.
  • Can drive quality traffic for them.
  • Can help them to get subscribers.
  • Can help them to get quality backlink and keyword ranking and many more…
 Along these lines, here we can see, the sponsors search for some things sooner than thinking of a proposition. In the event that your blog can satisfy their prerequisites, you will get a supported post for your blog.

What are the Details Need To Get Sponsored Blog Posts 

As a customary peruser of Tech Enlite you may know, we as of now got some supported post from some famous sponsors. Here I am will share my down to earth involvement on supported post and I trust it should help you to get a supported post for your blog effortlessly.
Alexa Ranking

Alexa positioning is an awesome factor to get supported post in your blog. The lower alexa rank can bring higher promoter for your blog. To get a supported post you should require less than 100k alexa rank. I got first supported post in this blog when this website was positioned 80k on the planet alexa positioning. It's preferred in the event that you have less over 50k alexa positioning on the planet, USA, UK, Australia and Canada. On the off chance that you have great alexa positioning in USA, UK, Australia and Canada you can make more than $1000 per post. On the off chance that you don't have howl 100k alexa rank, simply attempt to increment alexa rank right at this point. You can look at this post of external link establishment procedures which can encourages you to expand quality movement and alexa positioning.

 Domain Authority, Page Authority, Google PR and MozRank

You must need to increase
Google page rankto get sponsored post.
It’s better if your blog have PR3 or more. As we know Google is not updating the PR for a long time so domain authority, page authority and MozRank is very important now. It will be easy to manage sponsored post for your blog if it has minimum domain authority 30, page authority 35 and MozRank 4.

Social Media Influence

Big advertisers always look your social media influence. You may know more than 80% people make online purchase dominated by social media. If you have a decent amount of followers and a great social media influence you will get big advertiser. Check out this post to increase your facebook page likes automatically & this post to get twitter followers for free.

You may think, how to measure social media influence? This is very easy and fun. Just go to and login with your twitter account and see your klout score. Klout is more than a social media tools. The Klout Score is a number between 1-100 that represents your social media influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score. See bellow image for a higher klout score example.
social media influence

What is Social Media Influence?

Social Media Influence is the ability to drive action in social media. When you share something on social media or in real life and people respond, that’s your social media influence. You must need minimum 60 score in klout to show your influence to the advertiser. Check out this tricks to optimize twitter profile ranking.
The more influential you are the higher chance to get more sponsored post. Because, advertisers can drive more action from your blog. So, social media influence is very important to get sponsored post.

Organic Traffic

organic traffic to get sponsored posts
You may hear about organic traffic. Organic traffic is best for business. Advertiser always looks for your organic traffic status. If you have more than 50% organic traffic it’s good. Anyway, we have more than 60% organic traffic and it helped me to get some sponsored post. If you don’t have a good amount of organic traffic just try to increase it.

Keyword ranking is the best way to increase organic traffic. Keyword ranking depends on various factors like, on page SEO, keyword selection, web site speed, site visibility in search engine, high quality content, high quality backlinks and many more.

The more keyword you can rank in search engine the more quality traffic you can drive to your blog. The more quality traffic you have, the more sponsored post you will get.


Advertisers sometimes look for the blog that has posted some sponsored post already. Some sponsored post in you blog gives them a sense of relief that the blog is already trusted by other advertisers. When any advertiser can see their competitors are promoting their product by sponsored post in your blog, they might be interested also.
It’s hard to manage sponsored post with higher price first. So, try to manage advertiser with lower price. Once you can manage 10 – 15 advertisers, you can increase the rate then.

If you search in Google can find couple of site to manage some sponsored post for your blog. See bellow some reliable sites address. Just join the sites bellow and find the potential advertiser for your blog. Keep in mind, as they are third party, they will keep some charge from you and the amount is 50% or your earning sometimes. So, read the policy of the site before join.

Search Engine

You can utilize search engine to get some sponsored post for your blog. Just go to and search with your site keywords. This is very effective way to manage sponsored post for your blog.
For example, I am searching with “social media marketing” see above image for your easy understanding. There we can see two advertisers for this keyword. Thus collect advertisers site address first. Then find their contact email address or contact form and email them to advertise on your blog. Write details about your offer and benefit’s of sponsored post in your blog.Google-Search

Niche Related Blogs

This is another killer way to manage sponsored post for your blog to make money. First of all make a list of your niche related blogs. Now check out one by one if that blog has any sponsored post or advertiser. If no just skip it, if yes then collect the sponsors contact address and mail them.

How Much You Can Make from a Sponsored Post?

This is very had to tell the amount. It will depend on your skill and site quality. Alexa rank bellow 5k site can make $500 per blog post, bellow 10k site can make $300 per post, bellow 30k site can make $200 per post bellow 50k can make $100 per post and bellow 100k can make $50 per post. The amount will be depend on your traffic, site status, social media influence etc.
Hope now you can manage an advertiser for sponsored post in your blog. If you find this article helpful, feel free to share with your social networks and make my time worthy. Do you have any questions or feedback on How to Get Sponsored Post for Your Blog? Just drop a comment bellow, I will come back to you soon.