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Telegram messaging app is not as popular as the WhatsApp, it still is my personal favourite. I've been using Telegram for a little over 2 years now and still enjoy it. Telegram has been gaining popularity due to its standout features. This makes the earlier blog on Telegram the most read. It brings across features which most the of the others still lack, making it stand out.
Most of us are hesitant about trying new messaging apps since most of the people you know are stuck to WhatsApp. Lucky me, I've got some real friends and family who are willing to experiment new apps for messaging. It started with WhatsApp, then Telegram and when Allo came across we experimented it too. After trying these 3 we're stuck on to Telegram for the same reasons.

Features of Telegram

  • backup & restore: Telegram saves the chats to the cloud, this makes it simple to restore or even accessing on a new device. When you get a new phone and download the Telegram app, log in with your mobile number (use this on the other device). The app will send a 5 digit code to log into the new device. Post login, the server would sync all the chats to the new device. This is typically useful for myself since I keep getting into a situation of requiring to reinstall the operating system. This describes the life of a beta user. The backup/restore works for both iOS and Android, both have been well tested.
  • multiple devices: Unlike other messaging apps Telegram can be run simultaneously on multiple devices - smartphones and laptops. When a new message arrives, all the connected devices will alert you (you've been warned). The multi-device support comes handy to move content from one device to another. Simply send the message to your own self, while it will not show any new notification but the message will arrive. An easy way to transfer files from laptop to mobile and vice-a-versa too.
  • stickers: Emoticons feel like yesterday's way of expressing, stickers are the future. Most of the new messaging apps are boosting stickers for emotions. Telegram was first to introduce those to messaging. It allows you to download for a large catalogue of sticker galleries. It brings fun to the textual conversations. Stickers is another great feature why my group of friends like Telegram better.
  • very large groups: Group messaging is the popular use of most messaging apps. Telegram supports the largest numbers among the rest. You can add and manage up to 5000 members in a single group. Yes, that's 5k members in Telegram vis-a-vis 256 members limit for Whatsapp. The largest group I'm part of, had about 500 members. Another feature of putting the chats on mute really comes handy for group conversations on Telegram.
  • desktop client Telegram is a cross-platform application. Telegram provides access to the account on the laptop via 2 modes - native desktop client (available for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Chrome OS) and through a web-browser. This works wonders during times when you wish to share files, documents, photos etc that are stored on your laptop. Not to forget Telegram supports the transfer of large files - up to 1.5GB. There are no limits on the file type, making it simple to share a word, excel, powerpoints, video or audio or any other files too.
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Other messaging apps

While the other messaging apps are good and improving day by day, here are few things I would like to see on these:
  • WhatsApp: It's the most popular messaging app in the market today. Today WhatsApp is like the SMS 10 years ago. It is one of the most powerful apps for communication among all age groups. Two features, I'd love to see on WhatsApp. The multi-device support to allow users to use the same account on 2 or more different devices. Secondly, support for large groups. 256 members is a low number of member count for few groups.
  • Allo: Allo is the youngest messaging app from Google. This is here to phase out Hangouts app (which will be focusing on corporate messaging). Allo's goal is to be what iMessage is for iPhone. Allo supports the RCS [Rich Communication Services] technology, which will replace the SMS. Telecom companies need to support the feature to make it a success. For more information on RCS, visit this Wikipedia page. Allo lacks the multi-device support, using it on both iPhone and Android I miss it. Google also needs to bring across a desktop client for Allo, like it did for Hangouts. Another feature missing from Allo is the backup/restore. This comes handy when you are reinstalling the operating system on the phone. Reinstalling iOS and Android on my phones made me lose all the chats on Allo.
To experience Telegram, you do need to use it in real time for a while. Download it today and convince a small group of family and friends to enjoy it. If you are already using it, share your experience of Telegram in the comments below.
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