how to delete your blogger blog absolutely from the blogspot dashboard.


how to Delete your Blogger blog?

Blogger is one of the greatest running a blog platform on the web where a non expert show his capacity the use of its dashboard. Blogger is simple to use and easy to manage this is why we known as it ideal platform for newcomers. in case you are the blogspot person you then probable understand, we ought to create upto 100 blogs in keeping with single account. but what to do if we go the restriction and need to create extra than one hundred blogs. 

Blogger does now not permit us to create more than one hundred blog. So we can do away with or delete all the regular blogs which we do now not want to apply for running a blog and then we may want to without difficulty publish greater blogs with none hassle. So here you will find out how we can dispose of normal weblog by means of deleting them permanently from the blogger dashboard.

Login To the Blogger Account

>> Click on your desire blog which you want to delete
>> Go to Setting
>> And then click on Others
>> After that you will see three options at the top of the page.
Import Blog
Export Blog
Delete Blog
>> Now you will have to click on Delete Blog

>> Clicking on this option you will be given another option whether you want to backup your content or to delete the blog along with contents. If you want to delete that without backup then simply click on delete button and then save. Congratulate; you have done almost everything.

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