5 Reason You Are Not Making It Yet As A Blogger In Nigeria


Running a blog has turn out to be a main supply of income to many, way to the evolution of social media and the a success bloggers from whom many have become enticed.

before, you’ll hear people say you need to do it for the ardour, however in  current times, while a few still say it, many have given up on that concept. most bloggers are now into it for the cash. lol :)

whilst loads do it for the money, many are towing the incorrect course, expecting to get the right outcomes, that is an aberration.

Even when you have Adsense account and your weblog is surprisingly new, there is a high possibility that your advertisements account could be irritating, due to the reality that your visitors is low, you don’t have dependable readers yet and so forth. but after reading this publish, I believe your eyes might be open to why you aren't earning yet.

Without similarly ado, lets get into why you are in which you're as a blogger.

1. you're inside the wrong area of interest

if you are not in a gap where you're having a laugh, there may be a excessive possibility you'll fail (sorry to mention).

in case you got here into blogging due to one well-known entertainment blogger, therefore you named your blog “naijathis and naijathat”, with time, you’ll understand you aren't taking part in yourself in case you've were given no ardour for entertainment running a blog.

running a blog is rewarding when you revel in doing it, this way, you’ll be innovative to generate thoughts that might yield earnings.

All you want to do, is to locate some thing you adore doing. No area of interest is awful. some would possibly appearance extra profitable than others but in case you are taking part in it,you’ll get humans to love you and in no time, you’ll have made your self an authority and a path blazer.

Your niche must be one you may effortlessly carry out even whilst you are 1/2 asleep. whilst you discover that area, by no means permit it go.

2. You lack assets

I pay attention some humans say they don’t have a computer to weblog with, they don’t have a modem with which to attach, they lack finance to subscribe and so forth…

With those excuses, how do you want to outshine one who's continually online?

I wanted to present a guy a task to work for my customer, considering that I gained’t be available. To my wonder, he asked me to inform my client to pay him upfront so that it will enable him buy statistics.  i found that ridiculous however I nevertheless cared and desired to assist. So, I obliged but my customer refused and we in the long run gave it to anyone else.

How do you take care of going for walks out of statistics and abandon your blog for any other 3 weeks because you do not have data. if you need a pc, clever cellphone or any tool that will help you weblog right, do get it.


Get a job.

it is extra effective blogging when you have a task that budget your weblog earlier than you start making the profits’.

3. 0, bad or incorrect exposure technique

in case you blog and don’t publicize, then i'm wondering who would study your posts.

enjoyment bloggers have a tendency to unsolicited mail fb organizations, however that’s not smooth or adviceable for niche bloggers due to the fact the visitors won’t be centered.

So exposure is very pertinent, but the technique of publicity is very critical too because you need to take your contents to a marketplace had been it’s needed. consider publicizing an agric weblog to a cell phone and tech community. You’d lose cash, waste treasured time and be pissed off in the long run.

answer: discover the specific marketplace where your content material is needed; don’t simply begin an advert due to the fact your friends are doing it, apprehend the want of your readers and meet it.

4. You’re following the crowd

in case you got here into blogging because of a person who made quite a few cash, you are in all likelihood to do this due to the fact you will comply with his regulations and his rules on my own.

but, the first actual rule of running a blog is that “blogging has no rule”. prevent following peoples template and discover what works for you. Your fashion should be your style.

I’m now not pronouncing you shouldn’t adopt human beings’s style, but you should ensure they may be running for you, once they don’t, overlook them, there's no rule to running a blog.

expand your style and don’t religiously follow their style due to the fact once more there's no regulation.

5. You aren't rendering services

i have stated this again and again; I’ve made more money rendering weblog services than i've from commercials.

i am getting paid from what corporations might name session (I don’t name it that yet) human beings touch me and ask me to tell them how I do things, i get paid designing blogs, including some codes to templates, domain registering and putting in place, and lots of different services and those requests are available so often that they provide me difficult time updating my personal blog.

if you aren't rendering services then you are losing loads. Create a page to your weblog telling your readers offerings you render and, submit on twitter and on your fb wall offerings you may render and you may begin getting requests in no time.

it could be whatever, you could provide to update blogs for people ( 15 posts at $50 for five blogs would come up with $250) and that is cool money for a begin, and the interesting element is that you could use the equal content material(if it is an leisure weblog) on your own blog with only little  or no modifications.

you may do a lot of factors, simply be creative and notice the cash begin trickling in. on your achievement.

Over to you,

What are the little belongings you try this deliver profits?

What are the stuff you used to do that you later located out you shouldn’t or ought to have started in advance.

share with us the use of the comment region underneath.

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