Get 4.5GB Data For As Low As 1500naira On Airtel

We all agree that the purchasing data bundles in Nigeria now is very expensive and even when you purchase a particular data plan it is insufficient to satisfy your needs. For instance, some people love streaming videos, some like downloading games with large file size while some have to be online always because of their business, but the data plan cant satisfy our desires.

Today i am going to share with you how to get 4.5gb data on your Airtel sim for as low as 1,500naira. Airtel recently launche the 5times recharge package that gives you free data and airtime for every recharge and for recharging 1,500 you get a free 1.5gb data with you credit untouched. Now the question is "How do i get this data?". To get this data simply load your recharge card using this pin *555*Recharge pin# and you automatically get your free data.

 Now the next thing is to dial this code *440*16# to get the remaining 3gb data which costs 1500naira and this sums up your total data to 4.5GB.

To check your data bundle balance simply dial *556# for the 5times recharge data and *123*9# for the other data.