How To Learn A Second Language At University

It turned out that all those courses that lasted day and night in the library were no longer sufficient for extracurricular activities and training weeks.

As labor market competition intensifies day by day, you have to make an extra effort to blow up employers.

How exactly do students make themselves stand out in the competitive labor market and increase employment? One of the best places to start is to learn another language!

Why is it important to learn a second language?

We will make this part easy by reducing it to five very important reasons to train you to learn a new language in uni (although there are many):

1. Increase your chances of employment - Many companies either have offices abroad or are keen to engage in the global market, which means that employees who have more than one language have great value. Even if you are not yet a person with language skills, being bilingual means that you are keen to improve yourself and learn something new!

2. Make Easy Money - Have you ever co…

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Cheap Car Insurance For Students

Do you need a car for uni but postponed high insurance rates? Here is our final guide to keep it low.

Owning a car is not cheap, so driving as a college student is pretty much a luxury! Not only do you have to excel on your wheels, but you also have to think about road and fuel taxes and the usual MOT tests.

However, auto insurance is the biggest drain for any young driver, because premiums tend to be much higher when they are less experienced on the road for obvious reasons (but nevertheless do not cause extreme anger).

With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to take a proper look at some of the ways in which students can dramatically reduce their car insurance premium.

It can easily be expelled more than you need, just because you chose a kind of cover that is not suitable for your particular situation.

The cost of a comprehensive insurance package depends on three things:

1. The level of cover you go to

2. Your personal risk level (ie, how likely you are to an accident or need to…

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